Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A rose for Emily

William Faulkner introduces us to Emily. She is a old lady who has been of great interest to her community her entire life. When Miss Emily dies the towns people come not out of respect but out of curiosity. Miss emily is the protagonist, due to everyone showing some sort on interest in her.The plot is how the town will receive what is owed them and Miss Emily's lack of interest in seeing they receive it. Conflict is internal Emily desires to be loved yet to be left alone. The external conflict is shown in the towns business and their nosiness in Emily's life.The story is written in omniscient limited.
My reaction to this story is:Miss emily found love and she continued to love even after Homer had passed. This is shown in the hair on the second pillow. It is long and gray. A man hair would not turn gray. Therefore Miss Emily did find true love. I have seen this in the years I have worked. An older person cannot let go of their love. Miss Emily is a source of encouragement.

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